HTHRI now has pet food in several food pantries.


      All pantries have dry dog and cat food, including grain-free.

      Food is a mixture of what has been donated with a consistent base.

      We suggest a transition from previous pet food to the donated food so the pet’s digestion is not upset.

     Our recommendation is a mixture at the following ratio:

             3/4 current food to 1/4 donated food for a few days,

             1/2 current food to 1/2 donated food for a few days,

             1/4 current food to 3/4 donated food for a few days,

              then finally to 100% donated food.


     If you are in need of canned food, a specific dietary food, and/or litter you will need to add that to the

     Hands That Heal application.

     Please keep in mind that we rely on donations and cannot guarantee a specific request.

     We ask that you provide your pet’s individual dietary needs on the application so we can expedite your

     request if the food you need is donated to us.

     If you are in immediate need of pet food, Hands That Heal will work with you to get  approved for a
     pantry near you.

​     See Pet Food Locations Page to find a pantry near you.

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